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10,146 Tweets sent on Twitter

1,236 apps downloaded from Google Play

5,787 +1s on Google Plus

an expansion of 74 kms per megaparsec in the Universe

2 hours of video uploaded to YouTube

634 apps downloaded from App Store

23 blogs posted to Wordpress

4,800 stars born throughout the Universe

3,402,778 emails sent over the Internet

2,549,768,518 Joules of electricity generated worldwide

51 items purchased from Amazon

12 Accounts created on WhatsApp

50,731 searches performed on Google

2699 photos uploaded to Instagram

52,196 likes on Facebook

4 babies born worldwide

17,053,626 megabytes of data transferred over the Internet

23,148 minutes used on Skype

182 user searches on LinkedIn

$3,649 spent on PayPal

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