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About Winton Labs

What is Winton Labs?

Winton Labs is a free accelerator programme from leading systematic investment manager Winton Capital that aims to fast track the growth of startups specialising in data.

We are offering up to 10 startups access to Winton’s brightest minds in science and technology in order to help refine their products and business models.

The 10-week development programme will take place at Winton’s offices in Hammersmith, London.

What we Offer?

  • Mentoring from Winton's top data scientists and entrepreneurs
  • Dedicated office space at our headquarters in Hammersmith
  • Workshops and events hosted by Winton and guest speakers
  • Introductions to the data community and an opportunity to expand your network
  • Our full support without taking any equity in your business
  • Chance to explore potential further investment from Winton Ventures

Innovation Categories

We're looking for innovations in any of the following categories:

  • Client relationship management (CRM) - Improve the efficiency of Winton's data management to help maximise time spent with clients
  • Data management and visualisation Find new and innovative ways of analysing and modelling data to enhance Winton's investment decisions
  • Compliance and governance: Create smart solutions to support a business in a highly regulated industry
  • Wildcard: Your innovation doesn’t fit into the above categories, but is still strongly connected to the data space? We still want to hear from you, please apply to the Wildcard category

Who Should Apply?

We are looking for startups at any stage with inspiring ideas in data who are keen to work with Winton.

Applications are now closed

Winton Labs Teams Overview

Check Recipient


Check Recipient automatically predicts and prevents misaddressed emails from being accidentally sent to the wrong recipient. The team will be joining Winton Labs in the Compliance category.




Illumr helps you better understand and predict patterns of behaviour that affect your organisation. Illumr will be joining Winton Labs in the Data Visualisation category.



SafeScribe protects companies and employees by warning them before they write things that might come back to haunt them. Safescribe will be joining Winton Labs in the Compliance category.

Diligence Vault



DiligenceVault deliver a technology enabled environment to simplify and transform the process that an investor employs prior to investing in a fund structure. Diligence Vault will be joining Winton Labs in the CRM category.




Cognism generates sales triggers with prospect contact information filling their clients' sales funnel with qualified leads. Cognism will be joining Winton Labs in the CRM category.

Intelligent Layer


Intelligent Layer develops machine learning and reinforcement learning algorithms. Their goal is to revolutionise the way companies use their data and interact with the world. They will be joining Winton Labs in the wildcard category.

Programme Timeline

25 January 2016

Applications open

22 February 2016

Applications close

22 March 2016

Pitch Day

24 March 2016

Participants announced

4 April - 24 June 2016


Thursday 16 June 2016

End of Programme Event

Frequently Asked Questions


Is my business right for Winton Labs?

Our aim is to use science and technology to analyse the financial markets so that we can make informed investment decisioins on behalf of our clients. If you can help us achieve this aim, in one or more of our innovation categories, we'd like to get to know you. Your startup does not have to be at the very beginning of its journey. Maybe you have a product already, maybe you even have paying customers. If you feel that your startup could benefit from working with Winton Labs, then please do apply.

When's the deadline for applying?

22 February 2016.

What info do I need to provide in my application?

We ask you for information about you, your idea, your team and your company.

Is there a minimum age?

You must be at least 18 years old to enter Winton Labs.

I don't live in the UK, can I apply?

Of course - the best innovations can come from anywhere. Bear in mind that you may need a visa to participate in the accelerator.


Is Winton Labs like other accelerators?

Apart from offering the basics of a classical accelerator programme - a beautiful co-working space, a fantastic community of data driven startups as well as mentoring and workshops delivered by the smartest people in the industry, Winton Labs is different in the way that upon participation in the programme, we do not ask to take equity from your company. If you are interested in further investment, our VC arm Winton Ventures will be part of the mentoring team throughout the programme.

What happens after I apply?

For a period of 4 weeks, we carefully review all applications. If we like your idea, we will invite you to pitch to the Winton Labs team on the 22nd March 2016. If your pitch is successful, you will start the programmme on the 4th April 2016 and immerse yourself at Winton in Hammersmith for 10 weeks. You will receive free desk space, specialist mentoring and the possibility to participate in exciting workshops.

What happens after the programme?

After ending Winton Labs, you will automatically be part of the Winton Labs Alumni Network, which will allow you to stay in touch with this unique community.

Participating in Winton Labs presents an opportunity to market your product with the reference to Winton by having exclusive rights to use the logo in your marketing products.

What are the terms of entry into Winton labs?

  • Participation in mentoring, workshops and events is mandatory. We expect this will take up at least two days of each week
  • We will ask that you sign an Acceptable Use Agreement governing your use of Winton’s premises and amenities
  • By participating in Winton Labs, you agree to us using your name, logo and general imagery in connection with the programme

When is Winton Labs?

Applications open:
25 January 2016
Applications close:
21 February 2016
Pitch Day:
22 March 2016
4 April - 24 June 2016
Showcase Event:

Where is Winton Labs?

Winton Labs will take place in the dedicated Winton Labs loft in Winton's offices in Hammersmith, London.

Who are the mentors?

Mentors will include senior technologists and management from Winton, and business leaders, entrepreneurs and investors from a range of leading international businesses. A full list of mentors will be announced in due course.

What does the day-to-day look like at Winton Labs?

Winton Labs' itinerary is designed to help you create game-changing products for your market. You'll be working in short sprints to rapidly develop your product, receiving essential guidance on key decisions in real time from your mentors. Aside from this core focus, you'll also attend enlightening talks and workshops from a range of exceptional visitors.

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