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The Data Science Accelerator

What is Winton Labs?

Winton Labs aims to be Europe’s premier startup accelerator for data science companies.

Run by the venture division of quantitative investment group Winton, the programme aims to attract early stage companies where the creation of data or the application of data science is central to the business objectives.

Winton has a long history of successfully applying data science to disrupt the world of Investing, and we want to support companies that have the same data centric view of the world.

The 3 month programme will take place in the ‘The Lab’ co-working space at Winton’s London HQ.

What’s Different?

  • It’s free: we take no equity, and offer a £5-15k stipend to each team
  • The unique combination of mentors: participants will have access to Winton’s data scientists, business leaders and VC team, as well as a vast network of external mentors
  • The quality: leveraging a deep network in data science across the startup ecosystem, industry and academia, the programme is set to provide the most targeted and effective possible launchpad for data science focused startups

What are we looking for?

We are looking for innovators in the following categories:

  • DATA SCIENCE & MACHINE INTELLIGENCE: We want to meet entrepreneurs building companies where the application of data science is critical to success.
  • FORECASTING: We like businesses that are focused on interesting or difficult forecasting problems, where our expertise may create synergies.
  • INTERESTING DATA:We are data hungry and are interested in meeting companies that are creating new or novel data streams.
  • WILDCARD:We’re open to brilliant minds without a clear product plan, but with a keen interest in data and analysis.

Who Should Apply?

We are looking for startups that are yet to receive a significant round of institutional funding. Applicants can come for anywhere in the world, but must be willing to relocate full-time to London for an intensive 3 month programme. We are looking for entrepreneurs building companies on the application of data or data science. We don’t care how you label your company, we just care about the core data problem you are tackling.

Applications are now closed.


Check Recipient



Disruptive root cause analysis software for finding and resolving faults in products and process failures.




A B2B SaaS product for understanding the underlying behavioural drivers of energy consumption, to reduce energy costs, increase profitability, reduce emissions, and enable innovate service offerings.




Transform terabytes of satellite, aerial and UAV/drone imagery into very high precision true 3D terrain data and 2.5D elevation models.

Diligence Vault



A cloud platform enabling the next generation of credit investing. They provide institutional debt investors an efficient and scalable way to access the growing non-bank lending markets.

Intelligent Layer



Cognitiv+ is an artificial intelligence platform that automates knowledge extraction from legal data.


Check Recipient



CheckRecipient automatically predicts and prevents misaddressed emails from being accidentally sent to the wrong recipient.




Illumr helps you better understand and predict patterns of behaviour that affect your organisation.



SafeScribe protects companies and employees by warning them before they write things that might come back to haunt them.

Diligence Vault



DiligenceVault deliver a technology enabled environment to simplify and transform the process that an investor employs prior to investing in a fund structure.




Cognism generates sales triggers with prospect contact information filling their clients' sales funnel with qualified leads.

Intelligent Layer


Intelligent Layer develops machine learning and reinforcement learning algorithms. Their goal is to revolutionise the way companies use their data and interact with the world.

Frequently Asked Questions


Is my business right for Winton Labs?

We only have one strict rule for applicants—your company must be doing something difficult and high value with data. We would prefer small teams that are preparing to raise their first institutional round of funding, but we can be flexible. The core of the team must be willing to relocate to Hammersmith for the duration of the programme.

When's the deadline for applying?

07 October 2016.

Is there a minimum age?

You must be at least 18 years old to enter Winton Labs.

I don't live in the UK, can I apply?

Of course - the best innovations can come from anywhere. Bear in mind that you may need a visa to participate in the accelerator.


What happens after I apply?

For a period of 6 weeks, we carefully review all applications. We will then invite a select group of applicants for interviews with the Winton Labs team.

How does the programme work?

The programme is carefully scheduled and managed by the Winton Labs team. It is paced carefully, with the first month being particularly intensive. We aim to maximise your opportunities to meet with mentors—both internal and external—and to help nurture these relationships overtime. We also offer ongoing teaching opportunities and workshops throughout the programme, and later support you in preparing for Demo Day. We guarantee that you will always have Mondays and Fridays completely free.

Who are the mentors:

There will be three streams of mentors:

  • Business Unit: these are business leaders from within Winton, as well as large corporates and SMEs.
  • Data Science & Technology: these are drawn from Winton’s extensive pool of researchers and data experts, our deep network of academic partners, and leading data scientists from the startup ecosystem.
  • Entrepreneurship: these mentors are experienced founders, investors and advisors.

What happens after the programme?

You will join the growing Winton Labs network, which includes not just alumni, but also the wider Winton Ventures network.

Winton is a lean, flexible and innovative financial firm that tackles high value problems. We are not only willing to engage in joint projects and PoCs with startups, but are also able to act quickly to do so.

There may also be opportunities for further investment from Winton Ventures.

What are the terms of entry into Winton labs?

  • Participation in mentoring, workshops and events is mandatory. We expect this will take up at least two days of each week
  • We will ask that you sign an Acceptable Use Agreement governing your use of Winton’s premises and amenities
  • By participating in Winton Labs, you agree to us using your name, logo and general imagery in connection with the programme

When is Winton Labs?

Applications open:
23 August 2016
Applications close:
07 October 2016
Interview day:
17 October 2016
Participants announced:
18 October 2016
14 November 2016 — 10 February 2017
Break for Christmas:
23 December 2016 — 08 January 2017
Demo day:
10 February 2017

Where is Winton Labs?

Winton Labs will take place in ‘The Lab’ co-working space in Winton’s HQ in Hammersmith, London. Residents have access to a state of the art facility including free food and drink, a games room, and a 130 seater auditorium.

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